In today’s market conditions characterized by continuous diversification in the customer preferences and requirements, exacerbation of competition and new responsibilities to society, our management believes that successful business and stable development are possible through a market-oriented
company policy focused on the supply of high quality products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

As a result of the growing competition in the pharmaceutical industry, customers are constantly increasing the requirements to their suppliers and, above all, towards the quality of the service they provide.

BESTA PHARMACEUTICALS Ltd. is established in 2017 in order to provide solutions and services to pharmaceutical companies and satisfy the requirements of our customers, following the high GMP standards.

The management estimates that in order to achieve a constant assurance that the activity performed by the organization fully complies with the quality requirements, it implements an effective management system based on the tested and validated principles according to ISO 9001: 2015 and Good Manufacturing Practice. The implementation of such a system ensures the effective control of operations and eliminates the inconsistencies at all stages of the business activity, which in turn leads to a enhanced satisfaction and covering the clients' requirements.

Since the key aspects of quality are directly related to quality policy, this requires:

  • Active participation of all management staff in defining objectives, guidelines and tasks of the organization, in terms of services offered, expanding the spectrum of services by introducing new activities, improving the quality of the activities carried out and maintaining the existing standards;
  • Establishment and support by the management personnel of an environment where employees are able to actively contribute to the achievement of corporate goals;
  • Through the decisions taken by the management, to build a corporate culture in terms of quality;
  • All organization team members should be aware of the priority of achieving the required quality task, and its performance should not be hindered;
  • Involve the staff at all levels and use their potential in favor of the organization, provide training, awareness and competence;
  • Detailed identification and mastering of all processes necessary for the quality system implementation, their consistency and interconnections, the application of a systematic approach for their management;
  • Product storage conditions are met constantly; to avoid pollution from or in relation to other products; products are stored in appropriate secure and safe premises;
  • Development and implementation of an information system and methods for analyzing the obtained data for achieved level of compliance with the customer requirements, quality system effectiveness, planning and implementation of continuous improvements;
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and customers to increase business efficiency and profitability.

BESTA PHARMACEUTICALS Ltd. management is convinced that employees are clearly aware of the role of quality in our development and success and is confident that everyone, in accordance with their rights, responsibilities and capabilities, will contribute now and in the future to the implementation of the policy and the effective functioning of the quality system.